Construction Has Started!

Bustin’ up cement and diggin’ holes has commenced!

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally gotten all the ducks organized into their respective rows and started construction. The first order of business was to celebrate the moment with a small groundbreaking ceremony.

Groundbreaking Ceremony


We would like to thank Mayor pro tem Rachelle Arizmendi, Chamber of Commerce President Steve Sciurba, and Planning Commissioner John Hutt for coming out to the groundbreaking and helping with the first shovel full of excavation.

And a thank-you to the Sierra Madre Edition of the Mountain Views News for their write-up in the March 4th edition.

Construction Process

We started with breaking up large sections of concrete so that we can lay down new pipe to supply the brew area, tap area, and restrooms with water and connect with the sewer line.


When it comes to the actual excavation of trenches for laying pipe, we’ve assigned that task to brewer Ryan Rogers:


So far Ryan has unearthed a collection of artifacts including some pieces of brick, bottles, and a vintage knob from old style knob-and-tube electrical wiring.


Keep digging Ryan!

Next Steps

We’re excited to move as quickly as possible on to the next thing: laying out all of our underground plumbing work and then pouring cement.

We plan on keeping to a very busy Spring schedule and will be updating this blog page frequently for those of you that want to watch our progress.