Cold Room & More

We’ve installed our cold room! We hope to be filling it with beer kegs as soon as possible.


With the cold room in place we were able to finish the taproom area framing and now there are a hundred different things that are going on at the moment. Brewer Ryan Rogers has been hard at work running electrical line and installing outlets, switches, and LED lights. Our air conditioning equipment arrives next week and Ryan will be installing that ASAP since the days are getting aggressively hotter as we get closer to summer. Construction work will at least be more comfortable once that’s taken care of.

Isometric View

isometric brewery copy

The rough sketch above is not to scale but might help to give a better idea of the final shape the brewery will take when it’s all done.

Next Steps: Brewing equipment should be arriving in August and we’ll all be waiting patiently while Ryan puts it together before starting his test brewing cycles. In the meantime there will be plenty of plumbing, painting, and finishing work to keep us quite busy.